Tuesday, 11 December 2012

How to get Free Skype Premium - 2012/2013

Hey guys!

As promised, I have included the download link to the free skype premium guide at the bottom of this post. The guide details not only how you can get skype premium for free, but you can also get it for an unlimited amount of time! (i.e, as long as the guide is working, you can get skype premium for free). This guide is working as of this date and will do so into the future, and this guide works in any country - all you need is a computer and internet connection!. Until I update this post stating otherwise, this guide and the methods contained within are still working.

Look at the picture below for the sorts of things you have access to. Unfortunately the image left out the most important thing - free UNLIMITED calls!

The guide really is simple to follow and is very effective. Want free skype premium? Download the guide BELOW!

How To Download

1. Click on the DOWNLOAD button below to go to the download page.
2. Click on 'Regular Download'. A survey will appear, and you will be prompted to fill it out. The reason I had taken the liberty of doing this is because I don't want this guide to become saturated and have Skype find out. I also do not want robots and scripts downloading the guide, only real people.
3. Once you have filled out and submitted the survey, the download will begin. Once completed, open the guide and enjoy!

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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Free Skype Premium Guide is COMING!

Hi folks!

Just thought I'd let you all know the guide for free skype premium will be coming within the next few days

Bye for now!